When a family is found unhoused due to tragedy, abuse, violence, and other forms of loss, it is very important we act fast as a community to access and activate the system of care that is in our area.   We often find those individuals with a heart to serve by calling multiple agencies and trying with all their hearts to “stop the bleeding” in a family’s life.  It is beautiful to experience the heart of a community going into action for someone enduring heart wrenching loss and displacement.

Single Parent Advocate, and me, Stacie Martin, have that kind of heart and recently I got to meet a few wonderful citizens who are, and have been, helping such families and individuals for years.   After speaking with them, I did some research and wanted to put together a fast action plan for all of us in Denton County that can get a family placed and in the system for suitable aide quickly as designed by multiple organizations and our great County and City Government.

Single Parent Advocate is designed to come alongside the suitable system of aid and provide a community where a family can belong if they are raising children alone.   Our key population is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed*, however, we accept any family referred to us by an area charity, school, association, or civic organization through a nomination process.  Then, we come alongside those families with an annual safe social program, and online empowerment effort, as well as provide mental wellness and educational resources like self-esteem support, school supplies, scholarships, and more.

We believe the best gift you can give a child is a happy, healthy, whole, and hopeful parent, and to that end, we are very grateful to have the opportunity to lock arms in whatever way possible to contribute to this growing need for families in the “ALICE” sector, and anyone else we can serve through our “No Hoops, Just Help” heartbeat.

I have composed a fast action plan for those who come across a single family in dire straights in Denton County and hope to also compose other such items if helpful in the future.  Here it is below:

Recommended Path to relieve homelessness for homeless/abused single parents or teens:

  1. If no work – no transportation – no job
    • Call Denton County Friends of Family (families only can call) Crisis – 940-382-7273 – to be considered for support after temporary placement expires.
    • Get Very short-term placement – Cloud 9 Charities/Bedtime Rescue – temporary placement (469) 964-1466
    • Apply with Giving Grace Application: https://www.unitedwaydenton.org/homelessness-resources
      1. Multiple agencies helping with homelessness w/ United Way Denton County
      2. Denton County MHMR, Giving Grace, Our Daily Bread, DC Friends of Family, Salvation Army Denton/Lewisville, Veteran Community Navigator, CCA, United Way Denton County
    • Call Salvation Army on Fox Ave in Lewisville: 972-353-9400 – caseworker can be assigned to help family work through details – they don’t answer phones 12n-1p to serve lunch.
  1. If ALICE Family * Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed*
  1. Directory of Texas Homeless Shelters: familiestofreedom.org
    • Waiting is difficult, and this is a great place to check out options while the system of aid is going to work on behalf of a family.
    • It covers all shelters currently available in Texas.
  1. If Homeless Teenager or Young Adults in Duress Situations
  2. Senior Citizens

If there is a family raising children alone without support, we welcome them to the Single Parent Advocate community in North Texas.  We help as many as possible with the support of area sponsors like Huffines Automotive Dealerships, Expo Home Improvement, Dallas Children’s Charities, Gateway Dallas, The Highland Village Police Department and more.

Feel free to connect with us online at www.singleparentadvocate.org to get involved, support our work, and help us grow to meet the increasing demand for our community of Life Changers!

I am always eager to help as well and can be reached at smartin@singleparentadvocate.org