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By Clint Fuqua

Thump, thump, thump, thump.  That is the sound that makes your world go round and keeps you six feet above a box in a whole in the ground.  That is the sound of the clock, the ticker, the engine; the four chambered pump that floods your arteries and veins with the warm red fluid of life with every beat.  Heart disease is the health topic of the month, topped only by the very things creating the opportunity for more of this ever expanding problem.  I say ‘problem’ because there are very simple solutions to fix it. I don’t say ‘disease’ because a disease implies that it cannot be stopped, only managed.        

Take your heart in your hand for a few minutes and feel it beating away in your chest like the most dutiful of servants.  It never stops, it never questions; it only beats to the commands given whether fast or slow.  Your heart will give all that you ask for any and every task.  As master, you are the one in control and the one with the most to lose if there is lack of care, or if you are one to overwork and abuse.  Pushing to the max and never giving time to relax is as much a detriment as piling on weight in a sedentary state.  Both cause extensive undue stress and will leave your heart in an unhealthy, over grown, out of rhythm mess.  

Train with a long life in mind, and start learning to live by getting off your behind.  The true master of the heart knows there is a time to work, a time to play, a time rest, and every moment of living is a moment that you are blessed.  Take your heart in your hands and care for it as though your very life depends on it.   

Your heart is such a unique and precious organ that it has its own electrical system, nervous system, and muscle tissue unlike any other in your body.  Your heart needs very specific balance of nutrients to be able to pump all day every day and keep all of its systems in fine working order.  

Minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper all keep the electrical system firing and cardiac rhythm in proper tune.  

Nutrients like water, oxygen, nitrogen, cacao (yeah the real dark chocolate), and ginseng reduce stress and keep it cool under pressure.  

Nutrients like CoQ10, pomegranate extract, beet extract, l-carnitine, and fish oil keep the cardiac tissue strong so it can beat hard and long when needed for fun.  

Your heart needs good stress in the form of exercise every day so it can stay strong and be ready for anything life will throw at you.  Feed, water, and walk your heart every day for many years of life and play.                         

“Giving is living” has been a phrase tossed around and placed on memes, though many don’t even know what it really means.  Giving shows just how much you have and it only comes from the heart.  The biggest and strongest hearts give without reward because they are full, while the smallest give only for reward just like a fool.  Love, build, and strengthen your heart until it is so full you must give your all in everything you do.  Watch your life grow in every area as a result of the care you give yourself pouring out into the people and world around yourself.  Respecting yourself is the first step in caring for yourself and having the ability to care for those around you every day from that day forward.     

Action Steps:

 Take your heart in your hands and care for it as you would a pet or child that means the world to you.  Protect it from bad elements that would seek to weaken and destroy it. Expose it to the elements that would aid in strengthening and growing it.  Walk with it and show it love in every action daily for as long as you live.

 Make your heart strong enough to endure any stress of life and last a lifetime.  Nourish your heart with the needed nutrients for heart health with every drink, bite, and breathe you take.  Strengthen your heart with every action and activity in which you engage every day.     

 Give with all your heart so the world can experience all that you have to offer.  Give your family all your love.  Give your work all your dedication. Give your community all your support.  Give yourself all your respect.  Give all so you can receive all and in the end have it all.

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