It’s February – Let Your Love Grow

15 February 2020

"A seed is small but rich with possibility, like love, which is as humble as it is powerful." ~ Pir Zira Inayat-Kahn...

Cheri Gardner
Cultivating Courage in Single Moms

Take Your Heart In Your Hands

14 February 2020

Spread the love ...

Clint Fuqua

Meet Lou Alviar, Owner of Inevitable Financial Services

14 February 2020

Single Parents Begin Planning their Financial Future ...

Louis Alviar

How Single Parents Can Enjoy Valentine's Day

12 February 2020

We often think of Valentine’s Day as THE day to celebrate romantic love. But when you’re a single parent trying to balance full-time work and full-time parenting,...

Stacie Poythress
Coping (Self-Care) for Parents

Preparing for Your Child Custody Hearing

5 February 2020


Sam Mazella

Single Parent Advocate thanks sponsors, volunteers, and Board of Directors for a Fantastic 2019!

31 January 2020

Single Parent Advocate says THANK YOU to all v...

Stacie Poythress
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