Become the Hero of Your Own Journey – Single Mom of 15 Years Turned Certified Health Coach

“As a single parent…IT MATTERS…if we don’t make it! It changes EVERYTHING in our kids’ world(s).  Having a healthy weight MATTERS.  Not just that though…emotional, physical, mental, financial factors impact our health as well. If we are not the best for ourselves, we cannot fill our kids’ lives. The more we can be the best for ourselves, the more we can affirm and love our children.”

Meet Melissa Brown is the co-founder of My One Healthy Life LLC located in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Florida area.  She’s veteran of the United States Navy, has a blended family of 5 adult children, 5 grandkids and 2 fur babies.

She challenges single parents to imagine our future self in 5 years.  What is that future person asking you to stop, start, do more of, or do less of?  Health, Finances, Exhaustion, or something else?

In her own life, she actually let go of 40 lbs and 5 dress sizes. This revealed a passion in her heart  to help others achieve the best version of themselves. In addition, many others wanted her help for themselves their families and friends.


She gives us 5 quick tips:

  • 1. Write down the goal you want to achieve – especially if it is related to our health
  • 2. Meals every 2 hours after waking up (1st w/in one hour of waking up)
  • 4.  Get UP and GO. MOVE your body hourly for about 5 minutes.
  • 5.  Make time for self care that gives you 7 hours of sleep nightly


Melissa’s mission is to guide others, especially singles, toward their own healthy life through a transformation process to live healthier, happier, lives for as long as possible.



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Single Parent Advocate is dedicated to equip, empower, and encourage single parent families such that those that need help, get help, and those who want to help, can. Over 1 in 4 children in America today reside in a single parent household. That accounts for a large population of single parents that are working hard to navigate the journey of parenting alone.

Many of those struggle at work and home. The majority hang in the gap between poverty and self sufficiency. Single Parent families are all very different, and most of these parents face internal and external forces that cause them to struggle as they raise their children alone.

Being a parent is often hard and being a single parent can be even harder without support. Single Parent Advocate wants to help empower and partner with single parents on their parenting journey.

Single Parent Advocate is dedicated to equip, empower, and encourage single parent families such that those that need help, get help, and those who want to help, can.

Thank you for being a part of our single parent family community!

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