Into every life some rain will fall and at this very moment we are all caught in the middle of a raging storm in the sea of life.  Some have built ships, some rented boats, some are clinging to found shards of wood, and others are reaching out for a life line. Lash your shards of wood together, tie them to the boats that come by, take aid from the near-by ships able to offer it, and pull those to safety that will help in the process of surviving the trip to safer shores on the horizon. Life can restart on that new shore only if we work together to weather the storm and arrive on the shore able to live in that new world to be built.   

Native Americans have been known to dance for it, farmers have been seen praying for it, and certain parties have it in their name as a show of good fortune.  Showers however don’t always make for the best dance partners, come in their own time, and at times can rain on even the best planned of parades.  The only thing we know for sure is that showers will come, showers will go, and every time things will be washed away and things will grow.  We just have to be prepared to capture the rain, tie down the tools, and plant the things we want to grow in the seasons to follow the showers.  

    Dancing can be a very fun activity and I suggest you go out and learn how or you could dance yourself into a grave situation.  The dance of life has many technical steps and even those with two left feet must learn the right patterns and practice them with care.  Those born to dance must take care not to give in to the showers of praise only to end up washed up before their best days.  Those born with no talent must work daily to gain any praise though will earn every single one by the end of their days.  The point is to learn how to manage the showers to come in life whether they create a flood or just a puddle of mud it is the preparation before each event that will help you survive it and then thrive as a result or even in spite of it.  Learning the steps of the dance and doing it daily will make it seem as though it brought the rain though it only controls what you do between each storm.         

   Praying is a great thing and should be done every day though all those prayers will be wasted if the showers come and all the work needed to prepare was never done.  Droughts can cause doubts and test faith in a way that only prayer can bring hope to the weary.  Hope without faith however is an unplowed and unplanted field that will just be washed away if the showers pour down wasted blessings.  Faith is the daily activity of preparation; hope is the prayer just waiting to be answered.   Faith is eating and exercising as you know you should do without fail while hope is the goal you set for yourself to achieve and keep.  Many live on hope and either never had or lost their faith which is the only thing that will keep hope alive and make it real.  So pray every day and work as though your prayers will be answered the next time you open your eyes and take that first breath, because you are blessed to be alive. 

   Celebrations and parties over a job well done should be planned in advance so you know when to laugh and dance or you will just party your life away.  All work and no play will make a life not worth living just as all play and no work will make a life unlivable.  We are all given tools to make our way and have success in life and our responsibility is to protect and hone our use of those tools so we can live life to the fullest.  Part of living is bathing in the shower of praise and fortune of a job well done both in business and in personal affairs.  So lighten up and live it up on the occasion that it is well deserved and be grateful for all the blessings showered upon your head.  Just make sure it doesn’t grow by pouring those blessings into greater things from which the world will benefit so we can all celebrate again.         

April showers will bring May flowers only if the “I’ds” of March were replaced with “I dids” due to the love found in February of the resolutions made in January.  Otherwise there will be a long hot dry Summer of discontent and drought followed by a Fall into a deeper hole to climb out of next year to an icy cold reality.  Dance, pray, and party after you have made preparations to catch the rain, use your tools, and plant the seeds of health to live the dream season after season and year after year.

 Action Steps:

1.  Life is a dance, but taking the wrong steps and never practicing will leave you tripping all over yourself.  Learn the steps of the dance to set you free and practice it until it is as natural as a walking through the park

2.  Pray hard for the things you will work for to keep faith in your efforts under the toughest times.  Keeping what you pray for is only possible when you have worked hard to achieve or create it.  

3.  Celebrations come at the end of a milestone and at the end of a project.  Save the celebrations until the end and make sure to enjoy every moment of the work and the play.