Single Parent’s Day happens each year on March 21st as a day to celebrate all the hard work single parents do to raise their children. Although some might think that this day is some modification of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it’s actually something much different. It’s a day for children to celebrate their single parent for the hard work and dedication it takes to keep a stable environment at home and provide for them on their own. It’s also a day for single parents to celebrate themselves for the time and effort they put into being the best parent they can be.

Ronald Reagan proclaimed that 21 March as National Single Parent Day in 1984. He stated, “many single parents in America are making valiant efforts on behalf of their children under trying circumstances”.  Single parents now represent one in three US families where children live with their parents.(this includes parents of biological, step and adopted children).

Back in 1950, when marriage was more common and divorce more difficult, these figures looked very different. Just 7% of all parents living with their children were single.  If you’re wondering how you personally can celebrate National Single Parent’s Day, just keep reading!

Write a letter to your child

A meaningful way to commemorate the day is by writing a letter to your child(ren) on how they’ve positively changed your life. You can tell them how special they are to you and your favorite memories you’ve shared with them. It’s also a great idea to ask them to write you a letter so you can exchange them together. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to emphasize the importance of your relationship with your children as a single parent.

Have dinner out (safely)

After a long day of working, coming home to cook and clean up afterwards can be exhausting. Make today easier by going out somewhere to eat with your children, or even order-in with paper plates. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either, but it’ll be a nice way to celebrate and lighten up your day. Even better, you’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day so you won’t have to worry about making lunch either!

Set aside “you” time

With all of the responsibilities and commitments that come along with being a single parent, it’s no surprise that you don’t have much time to yourself. Think about what you like to do when you’re overwhelmed. Is it spending an evening binge-watching your favorite show? Or maybe it’s getting back to reading that new book you were interested in? However you choose to spend this sacred alone time is up to you, just make sure it’s some type of activity that allows you to treat yourself.

Give your body some TLC

As a single parent, it’s no shock that you will experience some normal aches and pains. It’s important that you do something for yourself that your body will benefit from. Try signing up for a restorative yoga class or getting an hour-long massage to loosen up those tight muscles. Even something as simple as setting aside time for yourself when the kids are tucked in for the night and trying a new face mask or using an anti aging cream to keep you looking youthful. Whatever your body needs, make it a point to give yourself it today.


Get together with other single parents

Celebrate yourself and your single parent friends by getting together! You can have both of your children there as well and share your experiences to laugh and remind yourselves why you deserve this day of celebration. If you don’t currently have other friends who are also single parents, use today to jumpstart your social life and find this support.


We both honor and applaud all of you single parents out there and we hope you have a memorable National Single Parent’s Day!

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