Fathers can exercise Faith and use God’s Word to become Super Heros in the lives of our children and families

Single Parent Advocate and Founder, Stacie Martin, invited Mark O’Briant from Gateway Church Dallas to speak to single fathers this Father’s Day. Single Parent Advocate considers single fathers as “superheroes” which made Mark think of “Bat” man. So, he created a message that centers around the three letters B-A-T. Please enjoy the video below that he created for our community:

Here are a few notes from Mark’s talk in the YouTube Video. Single Parent Advocate is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering Single Parent Families with resource information, practical assistance, emotional encouragement, and social networking such that those who need help get help – and those who want to help, can.

Brain – what is in your mind? Why do you have it, when do you use it. How do you process things? What shapes the way you think? How can you improve the way you process things, and see things? How do you deal with and overcome hurtful thoughts?

Attitude/ Action – who impacted you, and better yet, who are you impacting? How do you think about someone or something? Attitude forms character. Actions are taken out of character. How do we improve?

Tongue – sweet/sour/salty – who has spoken honor and encouragement to you? Who are you speaking encouragement to you? Did you know speaking positive words to someone actually stimulates their brain?

Being honest about how we truly are s is very important. How can we be truthful with ourselves?

For Mark, and many other men, it involves God, and it involves reading the Bible, and learning how to apply the words within the Bible. In his message, Mark refers to several scriptures within the Christian Bible, and I am listing them below for reference in order to help anyone interested in learning more:

Scripture example: Romans 12 – changing the way you think changes your perspective, which changes how you act, which changes your attitude. The peace of God guards your heart and mind.

The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters and a person can read 1 chapter per day every month as a practice in the pursuit of wisdom. If someone thinks within himself – so he is. But the way we see ourselves is not always how God sees us. No matter what frustration comes our way, we are advised in Proverbs to try to respond with an attitude of humility and selflessness. Focusing on the needs and interests of others.

Mark also refers to the book of James, Chapter 3: The tongue is like a rutter that can turn a ship. Words Matter! The tongue of the wise brings healing. Gentle words turn away wrath. The words of our mouth can be soothing, or crushing. Which one describes the way you communicate with yourself, your family, or coworkers? Are you soothing, or crushing? How can this improve?

As a way to think about improving, Mark suggests turning to the church, and to God. He asks, “What are you using as your resource to be a super hero in the lives of your family?” For him, he says, ” I have learned to use the Bible and my church community to help me be all I can, and I encourage you to consider getting into a Church, and into God’s word to help you become the super hero you can be too in the lives of your family.”

We hope this message, and these notes bring meaningful enlightenment to the many Single Fathers looking for answers amid the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic where families struggle for food, work, and possibly more.

Single Parent Advocate is very grateful for Gateway Church Dallas for supporting this year’s Father’s Day outreach honoring single fathers and their kids. Many other donors and supporters participated like Minnie’s Food Pantry and Internal Freedom Services and our own team of volunteers and donors. You can see a recap of the day on our YouTube channel here:

God Bless you, and Happy Father’s Day!