In the age of “Toxic Masculinity,” the very thoughts of manliness, manhood, and masculinity are at times relegated to the shadows or locked in a dungeon as a feared monster. This does a great disservice to boys and girls as they will learn to either fear or completely disregard men in their lives. Girls will learn to either fear or disrespect all males leading to failed relationships for a lifetime of misplaced hatred. Boys will never feel as though they can or should be respected leading to either being lost in the shadows or turning into the very monster they were taught everyone should fear. Masculinity is not toxic, in fact, masculinity is a virtue that should be extolled in its protective, authoritative, and loving nature. Yes, there are bad men that do bad things in the world due to toxic thoughts, feelings, and relationships; but it is the most masculine of us that step up to stop them. This is why we thank the soldier, the officer, the “everyday hero” and hope to emulate the superheroes we watch on screen because they are the loving authoritative protector we wish to be for everyone in our life. Masculinity is the defense against the very toxicity that can lead a man to do wrong in life by living right and showing others the right way to live.   

Ladies, this article is not about you, but you need to read it too. This is about the man in your life; and if you are single, eventually the man worthy enough to have you as a wife. This is about the guy called husband, father, dad, and even on the odd occasion he makes you mad. This article is for every guy out there making his way in the world the best way he knows how, because the world we will leave behind starts with everything we do in the here and now.  I am just one of you; trying to make the world a better place than I found it, because what man is a man if he does not do so.                 

    Taking care of your health should be your first priority. If you as a man can’t, don’t, or won’t take care of yourself, then there is no possible way you can adequately take care of those around you.  Lately there has been talk of the new cool “dad bod” which is basically saying that a little beer belly and man boobs are just perfect. This, however, is nothing near perfect as it is just one Al Bundy Step away from turning into Homer Simpson. This lack of self-respect and self-value will show through in everything else you do. The most successful men in the world make health a top priority in their life and in the lives of everyone around them.  They know the secret to a truly fulfilling life is the ability to enjoy it. Having a six-pack doesn’t make you a man any more than drinking a six-pack. It is the dedication and self respect that goes into living a healthy life that makes you a man. So have a beer to celebrate after building a healthy life worth celebrating.       

    The clothes on a man’s body will tell the world everything he wants it to know about what is in his mind. Let that sink in for a minute as you look at what you wear every day. That old saying to dress for the job you want goes double for dressing for the kind of life you want. The clothing a man wears and the way it is worn can tell you almost everything about the man inside. In business, there is this mythical thing called the “power suit,” much like something a superhero would wear in the movies. Do you have a power suit, or better yet do you wear your suit with power and confidence to aid in winning the daily battles? The power is in how you feel when you put it on and how it looks on you. Clothing is important not as a fashion statement, rather as a statement of who a man is, how he sees himself, and how others should see him. Make sure your clothing is sending the right message for success and the life you want to live.                           

    “Being the man” is the theme in many songs and movies and TV ads. It mostly comes down to a guy making the winning basket or making the last-minute business deal or picking up the hot woman at the bar. These are all just possible outcomes, maybe just through luck, or a great line of BS, or maybe something else all together.  The guy that makes the winning shot may just be great because he spends hours practicing and becoming better, the guy getting the deal done may have spent hours doing extra research to make the deal possible, and the guy picking up the woman may be the only one that has ever treated her with actual love and respect. Being the man only means something when you have dedicated yourself to becoming a man of dedication, honor, and value. Any guy can be “the man” once; a real man is “the man” every moment of every day, just as we all should be.                  

 Action Steps:

1. “Dad bods” are for the average man to be comfortable with being average. Be exceptional with your health and you will see that follow in your relationships, business, and wealth. Get out those New Year’s health goals, go achieve them, and then make more to achieve.   

2.  Go get your power suit! In fact, be like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne and get a few for different activities and needs. Dress for the job, life, and success you want. Realize that the superhero is inside of you, but the world needs to see it expressed on the outside to believe it. Perception is reality and most people only believe what they see.            

3.  Be the man. That’s right, be…the…man. Raise your hand, stand up, step forward, say yes, accept the challenge, make the offer, take the assignment, lay it on the line, carry the nuke into a worm hole, and be the man. Because if you don’t someone else will be seen as Superman even if they are only Clark Griswald.