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It was very exciting to meet with Jay Maymi at KLIF 570 AM on his Talk Show recently.  The episode included Stacie Martin, Founder of Single Parent Advocate.  The topic…starting from the ground up in business, and in life.

It takes courage to start something from ground zero. You must have the ability to see what others don’t or won’t.

This episode highlights two visionaries who had the courage and vision to launch two very different initiatives that are impacting lives of others in different yet meaningful ways.

The CEO and Founder of Bro Dough, Erika Rankin, and the Founder of Single Parent Advocate Org., Stacie Martin.

In the live show, we discussed the mind shift that happened due to a personal and professional apex in each founder’s life.

Here is the episode link:  The Jay Maymi Talk Show 1-29-23 #120 – “Building From the Ground Up”



Also in the month of January, Marla Diann, invited Stacie to join on her podcast called “Follow Your Joy”.   Marla is an incredible business coach that embraces intuition in life…especially in our work.

We all have a unique opportunity to create a business with a cause. It differentiates the daily work because that work brings light and life to others as well as to us.

After being laid off in 2008 this is exactly what Stacie Martin did.  She loved the work she did in media and marketing which led her to create her own business.

Stacie, as a single parent, also pivoted her business to adapt to challenges, she was facing in everyday life and founded Single Parent Advocate to help parents like her. Stacie committed to turning her “mess” into a message of education, empowerment, and hope.

If you are wanting to incorporate a cause you are passionate about, or you are a single parent looking for some inspiration to follow your own intuition in your business you don’t want to miss this remarkable story. Tune in to hear the full story. You can find Follow Your Joy on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, YouTube, and Google.

Here is the episode link: 

For more information, please contact Founder & President Stacie Martin at (214) 534-4460 or by email at Thanks!