Single Parent Families should Focus with Purpose as it relates to Meals, Exercise, and Family in COVID-19 as well as all of life

The world has become a much different place very quickly and very quickly will return to a more normal state.  It is the very time in between and what we do in it that time that can make evolutionary transformations in our life and in the lives of those around us. Use this time, take this opportunity, and make that evolution into something better for yourself, for your family, and maybe even for the world. 

 Time waits for no person and no person will get anywhere waiting on the right time.  The only right time is now and now is the only time we have to make things right.  Time will march on to a never ending drum beat for eternity and each of us only has a finite amount of it to complete what we have an eternity to contemplate after the end of our days. 100 years is only 10 decades, the first 20 of which are wasted to lack of experience and the last 20 of which are wasted to lack of ability.  The 6 decades in between will be a mix of learning, doing, and teaching in hopes that the next generation will be able to finish what we started and do it better than we ever could.  Those 100 years can either be highly memorable and productive or wasted to the sands of time as though they never happened and you never existed.  Your health and willingness to care for it will greatly determine how much of your precious time is wasted and to what extent you make a lasting impact in the history of the world around you, the world as a whole, and the unending record of eternity.                  

Failing to plan is said to be planning to fail.  The reality is that failing to plan is form of self punishment due to a lack of self respect and a total lack of respect for others.  Take a page out of the book of Franklin and Staple it to your soul, RESPECT yourself!  

Eat Right – Move More – Sleep Well – Breathe Easy

Movement and eating are a part of life that if left to the whims of chance and “genetic issues” will leave you and all the generations that follow in a grave far before your time and reason for living are meant to end.  A life cut short is a life wasted and a world missing an important piece that may never be replaced leaving a whole for all eternity.  Your job is to fill the world and make it whole with your presence and the only way to make that happen is by taking care of your health.  Plan your meals and your daily exercise with purpose so your life can be lived to the fullest and the world can be a little more whole.  Self respect and planning the most important parts of your day make every day easier and far more rewarding to live.     

    The day is what you make of it and your plans for the day are how you make it happen.  Meals, Exercise, and family time are the base of any schedule as these are the most important parts of your day.  Laxity and procrastination in any of these 3 areas will make a life worth not living as they are the things that give live meaning and the means for living. Work is never ending and no matter how much is accomplished today there will be more yet to do tomorrow and deadlines will never be missed when your schedule is in kept order to how you live rather than how the world would make you live. Set your base every day, week, and month so life is lived on your terms giving you the ability put everything into your life and give more back to the world rather than with world taking everything from your life.                                

Work Out at Home -Make Time to Exercise –

Living is what we are born to do.  Yes, sitting behind a desk and making calls is needed to pay the bills, but when done properly the bills will eventually be paid as you live.  Many have dreams of retirement as they age out of the work world.  The dreams mostly comes down to sitting in a chair to watch TV or traveling for no reason other than a special pricing deal.  These are both a retirement from life, not from the desk job that kept you as a slave to the clock.  Retirement is an early death rather than a new lease on life to go and live. Living means giving of you the things the world needs to continue growing.  Living means creating a legacy to be remembered for as long as history will be written.  Living means never wasting the finite time given to you in this life. Living is having the ability to give so much that you are empty of all regrets at the end of your days. Caring for your health is the very thing that will give you the ability to live a full and filling life.              

 Action Steps:

1.  March in and do things with purpose.  Exercise and eating are purpose filled activities that must have a plan to follow for the best results.  Make a plan, execute the plan, and repeat the plan with revisions to improve the plan as you progress.

2.  March out and live the rest of your day with purpose. Living is a purpose filled with plans from sun up to sun down.  You can either plan the day or the day will plan your activities.  Make your plans, execute your plans, and make new plans for the following day to own your schedule.    

3.  March on and live every day of your life with purpose.  Life is a purpose filled activity.  Your life is quite literally what you make of it.  Plan your life, live your life, and make sure it is a life worth living, remembering, and memorializing.