It’s easy to tell your child or children that you love them daily, but did you know that you can show them this love in different ways? Not only is this important during these uncertain pandemic times, but it is especially important as a single parent. No matter your circumstances, reassuring your child of your love and affection will help them be able to cope and understand the world around them a little better. Below are some helpful ways to show your child just how much you care about them. 

Do Something Different

Now more than ever it is important to cherish the time you spend with your loved ones and especially your children. Being a single parent is no simple job and can be overwhelming at times. From busy schedules and hectic mornings to ever-changing routines, there is a lot on your plate. Over time, this can bring about feelings of stress and burnout as a single parent, and unfortunately, your emotions can be taken out on your child unintentionally in the form of saying “no” often. If you’re finding that you’re saying “no” more than “yes”, try to do something out of the ordinary! There are affordable and free ways to entertain your child no matter the age. Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to do more as a single parent, find creative ways to bond with your child that doesn’t take away from your other responsibilities. The key here is to spend quality time without the distraction of electronics or negative feelings about any current circumstances. This seemingly small act will reflect in a big way with your child, and they will certainly feel loved and appreciated. 

Think of the Future

Uncertain times can bring about fears for the future, even more so for a single parent navigating this changing world on their own. One way to express love in a “big picture” way is to evaluate a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is a payout of money to replace the lost income after your passing, which can be extremely beneficial in a single-parent household. This sum of money can be used to pay expenses like a home mortgage or monthly recurring bills. Furthermore, this can be used to pay for funeral arrangements which can become expensive. By securing a sum of money for your children (or other family members), you are showing your love for them by keeping them financially secure. Although not an easy topic to consider as a single parent, it is an extremely important one. Preparing now while you are healthy can help you get an affordable rate rather than waiting until something happens such as a life-threatening illness that prompts you into protecting your child’s future financially. 

Respect Them

While you are experiencing new ways of living and new challenges as a single parent, remember that your child is going through changes as they grow up as well. Depending on the age of your child, these changes could be minor or major. It’s important to keep in mind, every child responds to stress and change differently. If you notice that your child is retreating to their room more often or becoming more easily agitated, understand that this is an adjustment for them. Try to respect their need for space and validate their various emotions during this time. If these changes become violent or overly-disruptive, consider speaking with a family counselor to help them through these challenging times. Learning to navigate new situations as a single parent comes from a lot of trial and error. By taking the time to notice these changes and give your child attention, you might be able to find ways to connect and solve some of these problems together. 

Let Them Into Your World

As important as it is for you to understand your child’s world and new mental state, it’s just as important for them to understand your world to a degree. A child in an uncertain time or new circumstance can be confused and upset and helping them realize that you may also feel the same way can assist in making them feel less alone. Understanding how to talk to children about difficult topics is key to opening up about these things without potentially oversharing. It’s important as a single parent to not discuss unnecessary details that would hinder your child’s potential relationship with another parent or other family members. Sharing the facts and how those make you feel will help strengthen your bond with your child and will ultimately make them feel all the love you have for them. 

Uncertain times can lead to an array of emotions for all individuals impacted. For single parents, this can be especially difficult and trying.  By demonstrating your love for your child in ways that are outside of the traditional “I love you” moments, you can solidify your relationship with your child and get through the uncertainty together. Often, challenging times help you grow in ways you never expected, take this opportunity to connect with your child, and build a foundation for a lasting bond.

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