28 03, 2020

A Mass Shooting and The Birth of a Book


n his book ‘Raising Boys,’ psychologist Stephen Biddulph says that between the age of 6 and 14, “boys lock on to their dad or whichever male is around. They want to be with him and copy him. They want to study how to be male.” A century earlier, Mark Twain said that “around the age of twelve, a boy picks a man to admire and imitates him for the rest of his life.”

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30 01, 2020

Create an Unplugged Space for Family Bonding


Family bonding is extremely important, especially when you’re a single parent. Making the time to spend interacting with one another helps to create lifelong memories and teach your kids valuable lessons as they continue to grow up. Recognize when technology is an issue and work to cut back and unplug so it doesn't interfere with your time.

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