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2015 true lee mothers day web readySingle Parent Advocate works hard to establish needed services for Single Moms, Single Dads as well as their children.  1 in 3 children in North Texas are being raised in a single parent home, and most of those homes are struggling financially to find their footing.  Only about 30% of the available jobs in North Texas pay enough for a single parent with two children to be self sufficient.  They need our support.

It is our commitment to continue our advocacy, our training with families, consumers and professionals, and our efforts to organize and support volunteer activism in a collaborative fashion with non-profit, faith based, private and public sector partnerships.

Would you like to join us in working to create relief and opportunities for single parents and their children?  


Please donate today.  


PayPal donations can be made by clicking below: 

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North Texas Giving Day September 22, 2016 donations can be made here:

North Texas Giving Day September 22 2016 Single Parent Advocate

North Texas Giving Day is a day Dallas dedicates to giving. Struggling Single Parents Need our Help! Single Parent Advocate supports families by providing food at Thanksgiving as well as food and gifts to help with Christmas.





Your generous financial contributions will ensure that Single Parent Advocate can continue to air1 single moms event family 2015support families stuck in the balance between poverty and self-sufficiency. Examples of what your giving can do when you donate to SPA include: 


• $15.00 will provide a Successful Single Parenting Guide to a new single parent

• $25.00 will provide a back pack full of supplies for a single parent child.

• $50.00 provides a holiday meal for a single parent and their kids.

• 100.00 will provide a meal for a single mom and her children on Mother’s Day.

• $200.00 will provide gifts and a meal for a family of 4 during the holidays.


Spa 2015 Back To School

Single Parent Advocate is actively supporting families in Dallas County, Collin County, and Denton County.  There are many request for us to expand our program to Tarrant County as well.  

You will help support SPA’s efforts on behalf of Single Parent Families facing insurmountable odds.

If you have comments or questions about making financial donations to Single Parent Advocate, click here to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

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