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Single Parent Advocate News and Events

Annual Mother's Day Celebration

Saturday April 29th 11AM-2PM at Edison's in Downtown Dallas!

Click Here to RSVP for Single Parent Advocate | Mother's Day 2017 | Edison's

 Come prepared for new Family Portraits, crafts, brunch/lunch, and a bright message from our dear friends and supporters!

2017 Mothers Day Pt 1


2017 Mothers Day Single Parent Advocate Speakers and Music for Single Mothers 


School Supply Survey

The Back to School Team is looking for feedback on our school supply program. If you participated last year with school supplies, can you please reply to us with the answer to the following questions?

1. Are there items we provide that you do not use? If so, how old is your child and what did you not use? It is ok if you list a few items.

2.Are there items we need to consider adding because you needed them? If so, how old is your child and what do you need? It is ok if you list a few items.

You can join us to help with this event also when you reply. We will need help gathering and sorting donations. It is a ton of work, and even a little goes a really long way, so join us!

Reply by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.